Benefits of Interactive Cat Play

Cats are our family members bound indoors. We try to keep them comfortable by offering good food and warm beds, but those aren’t the one things they need for an extended, healthy, and happy life.

What more do they need? They need and love play times exactly like kids! Using interactive cat toys during play can not only provide entertainment for both you and your cat, however they also provide following benefits…

It’s cat Toy Time! Let’s play.
Cats are our family members who are usually bound indoors. We make an effort to keep them as comfortable as it can be by giving them good food and nice, warm beds. However, these things don’t guarantee that they can be healthy and live an extended life.

That is the main reason you must allot a substantial timeframe every day for cat play.

How Important Are Interactive Cat Toys to You as well as your Furry Buddy?
Outdoor cats possess the good thing about being free in that they can naturally hone their predatory and survival instincts while exploring the neighborhood and getting together with local nature.

Your indoor cat or cats don’t have that freedom, which might dull their senses or, worse, lead to a horde of cat problems. That’s where interactive cat toys enter the scene. Not only do they offer entertainment for both you and your cat, nevertheless they also offer the following benefits:

Solve Cat Behavior Issues with Toys and Play Times

Solving Cat Behavior Problems
Many aggressive cats are just baring their claws from containing too much energy. Using interactive cat toys burns that excessive energy and diverts their attention. Consequently, it curbs your feline’s need to wreak havoc, reducing or even completely eliminating harm to furniture and folks around you.

Anxiety and stress Relief
Moving homes, getting introduced to new members of the family, or being separated for a longer duration produces stress and anxiety on your feline pal. Luckily, spending simply a few minutes using your cat will need away all those worries off his mind. At exactly the same time, it can decrease your blood pressure, cause you to smile, and make you forget about the ugly elements of your day.

Monitor and keep maintaining Weight with Cat Play

Exercise and Weight Monitoring
Staying indoors doing nothing but eating and perhaps stalking people, birds, and critters from the windowsill is a surefire way to become obese. And exactly like with people, overweight cats tend to be more susceptible to serious diseases and even fatal conditions. You’re the one shaping your cat’s environment and lifestyle. Hence, it’s your responsibility to build proper meal schedules, using fitting portions, and ensuring kitty’s weight is normal through regular play exercises.

Human and Cat Bonding
As we have mentioned in a previous post, cats appreciate companions and do love humans. However, that love can only just be developed through regular interaction. Playtime is a good way for that. Having regular playtimes with your cat will make your furry family understand that you like and look after them. Because of this, you will be rewarded with sweet purrs and more cuddles.

Fortify the Bond between You and Your Cat by Playing

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